Friday, May 17, 2013

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Universal Gyro Bowl RM20.00!RM16.00
Specification: 17*17*17.5cm
Diameter Bowl: 9cm
Weight: 145g
7 Days Gift Set (Socks) RM30.00!RM21.00
Size 0-6m
Available B
Boy Set with Cap RM35.00!RM26.00
Size 90 (12m)

Authentic Brand Blue Set RM30.00!RM25.00
Size 18m

Baby Gap Girl Shirt (small cutting) RM25.00!RM18.00
Size 5y
Europe Brand RM12.00!RM10.00
Size M
Pink Polkadot Dress with Cap RM35.00!RM26.00
Size 100 (3y)
110 (4y)
120 (5y)